Crockett Associated Companies (CAC) is a consulting company specializing in defense and security marketing management.

We manage Research and Development (R&D), capture, and proposal development projects that win new business for large established aerospace and defense companies.



If your goal is to win a “best value” procurement from the Federal Government, let our team of seasoned professionals experienced with winning contracts meld with your R&D, capture, or proposal team to lead, direct, and forge the content and messaging required to assure success.

CAC has won 90% of the competitive proposals we have submitted with our clients since 2008 representing more than $10 Billion in new business for them.

We provide the specialized expertise needed to supplement your staff at your facility until the winning bid is submitted.



Our Soldiers, Airmen, Sailors, and Marines deserve the best equipment and support we can provide. If you believe that your company is the best, then make certain that your message and value shines through the complex procurement process.

Let our success become your success. Today’s competitive marketplace, in an environment of tightening austerity, demands effective solutions. Limited opportunities drive efficient use of corporate discretionary budgets to produce results.

We win by working together, and in the end our military and security forces also win. That is the guiding principle behind the people of CAC.

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